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50 facts about me


This is a tag I saw on a YouTube channel that I have been watching for quite a while, ClauReadBooks. Seeing this made me want to do it and now here I am. I will not be talking about anything to do with books here because about that there is a lot of information already in the blog: D

Without further do, let's begin!

1. I was born on May 12, 1990 and as my mother told me it was raining terribly that day.

2. My height is 1.58 cm. Yes, I'm short LOL

3. I like the summer or warm weather. I hate the cold! Mostly because during winter I look like a hibernating bear.

4. I love Kpop and Asian dramas. I consider myself 100% ELF, Super Junior fan.

5. Just as the kpop, I also LOVE anime. My favorite childhood always be Pokemon (Pikachu is my favorite) and Digimon (Patamon with all its Digi-evolutions) and now I can say that my favorites are HunterXHunter and FairyTail.

6. I do not have a favorite food, although I think I would prefer a thousand times to eat something cooked by my mom that anything in a restaurant.

7. Speaking of which, I get tired of things and stopped eating for a while or not eat them ever again if that happens. A clear example of this is that my mom once bought like two watermelons and made watermelon juice for a week ... I have not drank watermelon juice since then. I love watermelon but bot the juice.

8. My favorite number is 12 and it is because it is my birthday and my sister’s also - in different months - then I feel it is a special number for me.

9. I love traveling and when I already have a fixed job, one of the first things I plan to do is to create a saving account destined for this. I desire to travel at least once a year.

10. I have traveled to at least 3 countries for tourism and 2 for education purposes.

11. I have stayed at many airports in the United States but I have never visited any place apart from those airports. I had no time T.T

12. I love dancing! I can dance in my room with the headphones on, and I would look like crazy person to those who cannot hear the music.  

13. I sleep a lot! So much and I'm not lying. I can sleep until 2 pm if I want and go to bed at 10 pm that day to go back to sleep until 2 pm the following day.

14. I Do not know what I will do when I start working because it is very difficult for my brain to work in the mornings.

15. In my left foot I have a smaller finger than the last one. Many people told me when I was little that I needed a surgery to “fix it” and I have always responded that without my little finger I will not be myself so it stays like this.

16. My room is a disaster that only I organized when I feel it is a disaster. And I have to clarify that there is a difference between being disorganize and being dirty.

17. I took classes of tennis, swimming, piano and singing but I left all of them. I never achieved to concentrate on one thing. And now I regret especially the piano.

18. I hardly watch TV now but when I was little I watched it a lot. And from that time on, and even now, when I sit down to watch TV I focus so much I can’t to someone else while I watch TV and to someone to be able to make me pay attention to them they’ll have to scream at me or touch me. And if the program is interesting normally I get angry when someone does that.

19. I am very attached to my Facebook, Pinterest and my Goodreads. I check them several times a day and I can spend hours and hours looking at my phone while doing so.

20. I am clumsy and clueless. I spend most of my time falling or tripping over something and often I have my thoughts entirely away from where I am. Also I get distracted easily.

21. I cannot put any kind of sweet perfume on the body. I get dizzy if I have a strong smell either of a cream, shampoo, perfume, makeup, etc. That's why I do not like that people give me those kinds of things, unless it is a product that already uses and the person knows that use it.

22. It sounds bad but I do not like children very much. I love my cousins ​​and that, but it is because I don’t have to take care for them. And when I am surrounded by many of them, I get stressed and want to run. In fact I have always said that if I have one child it will be a lot but my mom always tells me that my maternal instinct will wake up some day and without me realizing.

23. I love sweet things. I do not eat many snacks such as potatoes but if someone gives me a dessert or a candy I will  receive it without thinking twice.

24. I did not watch a lot of American series but in the last two years I have liked Glee, Once Upon a Time, The 100 and Modern Family.

25. I'm too controlling with my time. I schedule my day before and put my activities at a determined time. This might seem stressful for some people but it helps me a lot. I do get to do many things in one day and the truth is that if I do not do this I lose too much time- because I get distracted - and that's when I get stressed.

26. For the above reason, the worst excuse someone can give me something is that "I had no time", really this is what bothers me more of an excuse. Because I myself find time to do so many things during the day if I set a schedule and I believe that when one does not do things by "lack of time" is because there is really no interest in them.

27. I have a tendency to allergies. So my doctor told me just a few months ago and I had been living with all my life without knowing it.

28. I'm always listening to music and have my headphones on. Whatever I am doing I’m always listening to music even if it is with the volume very low.  

29. The only surgery that I've had in my life has been in my ear. I broke my eardrum almost two years ago and I had to get surgery. It was a small operation but the recovery process was horrible because I could not stand to do anything for myself because I fell and I was dizzy all the time.

30. My natural hair is curly but I like using it straight. It is not that I do not like my curly hair but I feel that I look very young when I have curly, like I look like a child and I just do not like that.

31. I love cooking. I think one of my frustrated dreams is to study seriously cuisine. In the future, when I get married, I wish my husband and I could share that experience together and have “elegant dinners” with gourmet food and stuff.

32. I hate exercising. It bores me. But I do like doing activities that might be considered to be exercise, such as cycling or dancing or playing soccer or whatever. Not much in the gym, this is what I do not like.

33. My favorite color is violet or purple. However in clothes I like very much to dress in black. I recently had to start buying things literally because most of my clothes were black.

34. I love iced latte. That's right, out of the fridge. When it is hot or warm I cannot drink it because it makes me nauseous. 

35. One of the things I like the least is people singing “Happy Birthday” to me. It’s just that you do not even know what to do as they sing, and I'm thinking how I should react and what kind of expression I should put while people sing.

36. I think a lot before making any decision and once I have made it I don’t turn back.  

37. One of my many hobbies is drawing. Sometimes I will start drawing like crazy all day every day. But it is not something that is within my daily routine.

38. I’m a TOTAL NERD. I have always liked to study and I've never felt that “I have to study” - until I got to Korea and I had study more than I wanted to lol. Even when I was little my mom told me I used to do the homework my classmates because they did not want to do it and I did.

39. Leaving that aside, I'm told I'm a very good teacher but the truth is I have no vocation.

40. I speak English fluently and also studied French (over 4 years) and Korean (for 1 year). French I can understand it but when I try to speak it the words just don’t come out and I speak Korean but not perfectly (I have lived in Korea for almost three years now and I have to use Korean daily).

41. I love dogs, but whenever I've managed to have one, they either die of something or my parents give them away because is too much extra work T.T

42. I've only been drunk once in my life and it was not a "nice" experience. So now every time I'm drinking and I feel I am getting drunk I stop and begin to drink water and go to the bathroom so that I the feeling will pass.

43. I'm Shopaholic for stationary. Even if I do not need them I buy notebooks, pens, markers, papers, etc. and if I get to go to a store that sells these products I go crazy.

44. I am terrified of cockroaches. I'm scared to dead and I can get in a panic state you cannot imagine. Although this bug is far away from me if I get to see it I get too nervous and try to get as far away as possible from that place.

45. I hate the cheesy moments and they make me feel uncomfortable But my friends say I'm as cheesy as a candy so… I just do not know.

46. ​​I always have to sleep with a stuffed animal. Many years ago I had a boyfriend who gave me a teddy bear and I always slept with it. Now I do not have it but since then I got used to sleeping embracing something so now I cannot sleep if I'm not doing it. I've been over 3 teddies on that story. The one I have now a cute monkey to bought me when I came to Korea.

47. I want to have a department before getting married or living with someone. But not living as a student. Owning the place and living by myself.

48. What scare me most are heights while moving. That is, I can always be in a very high place as long as that I am not moving or I am not riding something that is moving and I can feel it is moving. This is with the exception of the airplanes which I do not know why I'm not afraid of them.

49. I think the saddest moment of my life was when my grandfather died and I was not in my house with my family but many kilometers away. It was not the fact that he died but the fact that I was away from him when that happened.

50. This last one is too personal, lol. My heart has been broken twice already and the last one was so ugly that it is now very hard for me to fall in love. And I do not do anything to stop falling in love, at least not that I intent to do so. It just happens.

BONUS: The most important thing for me is my family. Although I think that I have already said this in other entries.

For people who know me which ones did you know and which ones surprised you? And for those who do not know I hope this helps you to get to know me a bit more and if you have something specific you want to know about me do not hesitate to ask in the comments.

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